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The Met Gala 5/7/12 – on Livestream!!

Livestream teamed up with Vogue to broadcast the Costume Institute Gala LIVE from the Met on Monday night (5/7/12).  The stream was presented and made possible by  It was an incredible event,  amazing turnout of stars — and it … Continue reading

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My Top 10 for 2011

A break through year for LIVE online video Royal Wedding with 2 billion people watching, lifting the British national mood and putting on an amazing display of pageantry for the world Appreciating Steve Jobs. While there will never be another like … Continue reading

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Online Video

I have been spending a lot of time working with online video advertising of late and wanted to share some facts.  It is an important space, and as most media and marketing people know,  a fast growing one.  The world of television (content … Continue reading

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Highlights from 3 Conferences

I have been to three industry conferences in the last 2 weeks: FutureVision (Sept. 16, Chicago) The NY Times Small Business Summit (Sept. 23, New York) Advertising Week (Sept. 27-30, New York, tag line: “Get Out of Your Head“) All … Continue reading

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The Flight To Quality — and Value

“The Flight To Quality” is an investment term for when investors move their capital away from riskier investments to the safest possible investment vehicles. In The New Normal I write about, I believe we are seeing a flight to quality … Continue reading

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Media & Marketing 3.0

Marketing 3.0…What is it and what is the best way to market and promote a product or service RIGHT NOW? Continue reading

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Did Media & Marketing Factor Into The Mortgage Mess?

Yes it did.  I mention this because I have had interesting conversations with Wall Streeters lately about the mortgage mess and the financial meltdown.  I have asserted that media and marketing played an important role in the disaster,  as the … Continue reading

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